Experimental Fun with Cyanotype

Last Saturday, much experimenting and fun was had at the Arthouse trying out the Cyanotype process. Preparing and drying our papers and textiles, before exposing them to the sun and seeing what magic developed. Thanks to Kit Martin for sharing all her knowledge and enthusiasm.

Walk, Draw, Book and Story

Wonderful work carried out at Off the Rails Arthouse on Saturday. Called “A Walk, A Draw, A Book, A Story”, and led by Dominique Cameron.

Who knew a walk through Ladybank could be so inspiring!

Reflecting on Drawing as Impulse

The final day of Fraser Taylor’s Summer School gave all participants the chance to reflect on all we have achieved individually and as a group. Creativity of course, but also a great deal of encouragement and emotional support.

And as the dust settles, the early summer sun shines through the window and the Arthouse returns to peaceful serenity.

Summers here!!

Our first Summer School of the season is underway.

Fraser Taylor’s “Drawing as Impulse” summer school is off to a flyer with much sketching and mono-printing.

Ta-da, Fraser demonstrating the magic of monoprinting
Large scale monoprints adorning the Arthouse staircase