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A palette of colour!

Saturday 7th September at 10:00am Sunday 8th September at 4:00pm

Join horticulturist and craftsperson Julia Billings and maker Deirdre Nelson for a weekend exploring the essentials of transferring colours found in food waste onto fibre and developing an experimental approach to embroidery using your dye experiments.

On Saturday, we’ll create a number of different dyebaths using food waste (such as pomegranate skins) and other plant byproducts and dye a series of shades on wool embroidery threads to create a palette to work with. On Sunday, we’ll begin to use our threads, working on a variety of fabrics and exploring embroidery in an experimental way, learning stitches or refreshing our knowledge of embroidery.

Together, these two days of exploration should give participants a solid understanding of the dye process, how different natural dyes and fibres interact and how to develop their own practice or incorporate dyes into an existing creative practice. Our focus will be on exploring ways to work in a sustainable way, considering processes and choice of materials throughout the workshop. Suitable for beginners or those with some experience working with natural dyes and embroidery.

Included: All materials, comprehensive notes on processes covered and a range of embroidery threads dyed in the workshop. Cost for weekend workshop is £130 (includes Eventbrite fee) To book a place through Eventbrite click here

Julia Billings is a craftsperson and horticulturist based in Bridgeton, Glasgow, where she runs a natural dye and textile studio, producing plant-dyed yarn and threads for craftspeople and facilitating workshops on dyeing with natural materials, knitting, mending and other textile skills.Julia taught herself to knit in an attempt to keep warm while working outdoors in horticulture and soon found most of her spare time being spent knitting. Travel and time with inspired teachers further fuelled a love of traditional techniques and working with colour and it is the reworking and combining of these old skills and techniques with simple, clean design and materials that most inspire her. Julia uses local fibres and plants as much as possible, actively seeking to work with invasive and weedy species as a resource, and firmly believes that the transfer of skills and knowledge is essential to the ongoing development and elevation of craft. For more info visit her website here

Deirdre Nelson is a maker creating textiles which explore humour, place and social history. She partners traditional techniques with contemporary processes such as digital print in creating work not only to be exhibited but on artist residencies, within education and community projects. Resulting works cross over art, design and craft. This enables the communities she works with to explore social and environmental issues through making. Deirdre also work to commission for arts and healthcare organisations. Collaborating with creatives such as architects, musicians and writers allows me to create and produce diverse projects. Visit her website here

£130 Includes Eventbrite fee