Angus McEwan RWS RGI RSW: Textures in Watercolour Masterclass

A chance to work with one of Scotland’s foremost artists in watercolour. Angus McEwan has a well-deserved international reputation for his stunning work. His deep love of texture, weathered surface and subtle colour shines through his paintings, underpinned by mastery of drawing and technical expertise. Take a look at his website and you will see more of his work.

This intense weekend workshop will allow you to explore the true potential of watercolour and its ability to describe different objects, unique surface characteristics and calligraphic quality. You will push your work on and have fun into the bargain.  The workshop will start on the Friday night with a lecture and a chance to prepare for the following day. On Saturday, after a discussion and a demonstration by Angus you will produce a series of textures exploiting the potential of watercolour to describe different surfaces. The idea is to experiment and find the limits of the media.

 Then to drawing and painting objects! Angus will provide a series of old tools, weathered artefacts and dried flowers/fruit etc. but you can bring your own objects if you prefer – with textured surfaces of course. Drawing objects through simplification and using contour line, you will explore simple wash and line techniques to build confidence and get to grips with colour and layering.

 By the end of the weekend you will have a catalogue of personal techniques and textures and a series of paintings which reveal the character, surface and the hidden beauty within ordinary, well-used things. You will have built confidence in your creative and technical abilities and will want to explore this approach to watercolour further.

Cost £100 plus small charge for some materials.

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