Between the sheets- an exhibition

Between the sheets

Thursday 19th-Tuesday 24th May 2022

Open weekdays 10.30am-4.30pm, weekend 11am-5pm

An exhibition by cross-disciplinary artist’s Zoë Darbyshire and Ian Cameron who met 20 years ago while working in physical theatre. Their friendship and creative relationship blossomed culminating in this collaborative show of drawings, objects, unexpected words, and good conversation.

The show is curated by Fraser Haxton-Taylor.

Edinburgh artist Ian Cameron studied at Central School of Art and Design, London during the 1970’s. Exhibiting widely, his work was acquired by private and public collections including the Arts Council of England. Another passion for physical theatre led Ian to further study and training as a performer. His career as performer, writer and director ensued, to international acclaim and led to various prestigious awards. His visual art took the back seat during this time but focus progressively turned back towards his first love.

Ian’s drawings in the exhibition span the last five years. The strongly figurative work, is clearly influenced by his theatre practice, exploring the gestural language of the body in communication, closely examining relationships within isolation, and the crowd. Emotive and starkly personal at times, the drawings maintain lightness of touch, gently nudging the viewers perception. These works explore the ambiguous and shifting boundaries between public and private selves.






Ladybank artist Zoë Darbyshire, studied theatre at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow, and Ecole Philippe Gaulier, London. Alongside a varied theatrical career, she nurtured a passion and practice in visual art. The spotlight migrated towards this over the years, leading to her recent study of Master’s in Fine Art & Humanities at Dundee University, graduating in 2020 with distinction. Interests lying in the complexities and imperfections of being human, Zoë developed embodied, improvisational, and playful methods to make work.

Revelling in dissembling order, diverting paths, and provoking response, she translated influences from her physical theatre and therapeutic practices to this study consolidating a multi-disciplinary approach. Recent large-scale drawings focus on iterations of the figure, exploring themes of proximity, absence, identity and touch. Detached from the two-dimensional plane, these drawings are rendered in a variety of materials, objects, and spaces. Presented here as temporal sculptures and installation, the viewer is invited to engage; move around, touch, peer underneath and through the works.


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