Breaking the Boundaries– Experimental Printmaking Summer School with Kittie Jones

Breaking the boundaries- experimental printmaking

Kittie Jones

10am-4pm each day

Course fee- £225

This exciting week will take the theme of Boundaries as a starting point, thinking about the edges between town and country, as well as the contrasting ideas of home and journeys. Day one will focus on gathering information out and about in the varied landscapes around Ladybank. Students will be guided through different sketching methods, working with colour, tone and composition.

Sketches made will then be used as inspiration to plan and make a two-plate lino cut design over the next two days. Students will be guided through the process and encouraged to work freely within the format – multi-coloured printmaking methods will be looked at. Time will then be spent exploring monotype printmaking techniques – the monotype process is a loose and painterly approach to printmaking, which creates a one-off image. The week will culminate with students making multi-layered images that explore the theme of Boundaries in creative and innovative ways using the techniques explored earlier in the week.


Kittie Jones is a fine artist born in Cumbria and now based in Edinburgh. Her work is directly inspired by time spent closely observing and experiencing the natural world. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University in 2008; she currently works from her studio at Coburg House and regularly exhibits around the UK.

Her work covers the disciplines of drawing, painting and printmaking. Kittie’s practice begins out in the field where she is inspired by the creatures that inhabit the natural world. Work made outdoors aims to capture the intensity of direct experience.

Kittie is a professional member of the Society of Wildlife Artists and Visual Arts Scotland. Her screen print ‘Night Herons’ was jointly awarded the Maude Gemmell Hutcheson Prize by the Royal Scottish Academy in 2011.

‘My work is concerned with the experience of time spent looking and interpreting the natural world. I am drawn to places which have an abundance of nature – sea bird colonies, fertile coastlines and remote islands. On drawing trips I will settle in a promising spot and start to develop work from there. The energy in the work comes from the constantly changing elements of the natural world – birds moving in and out of vision and the shifting quality of weather and light. My attempts to capture the change are what interests me, as well as my enchantment with a world which, as a human, I will only ever occupy the edge of.’

Alongside her work as an artist, Kittie teaches on the Portfolio Course at Bridge House Art in Ullapool over the winter and regularly delivers a variety of fine art workshops at Leith School of Art and for the National Galleries of Scotland.

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