East meets West : Experiencing eastern & western printing methods

Tutor- Elspeth Lamb

Saturday 8th July at 10:00am Monday 10th July at 4:30pm

What can I expect ?

Japanese woodblock printing (Mokuhanga) is a technique which involves inking the block with watercolour paints and specialist brushes as opposed to western forms of printmaking which mostly utilize oil based inks usually applied with rollers. Today, Mokuhanga only differs slightly in technique from those prints we recognize by artists such as Hiroshige and Kuniyoshi. The ‘greener’ philosophy of Mokuhanga being entirely waterbased fits well within the contemporary world. The paint is applied to the image with specialist Japanese brushes and the image transferred to paper with the aid of a pressure pad known as a baren.  All tools and materials including Japanese papers, cutting tools and brushes are provided.

Over the course of this three day workshop , participants will learn how to carve and print their blocks using  ‘Kento’ registration, using the reductive print method, to achieve a colour print. I will oversee each stage in the process and everyone should achieve a small edition of colour prints to take home.

Western printmaking, in this case carborundum printing, will also be demonstrated . This method of printmaking using carborundum layers lends itself to colour and one can achieve prints resembling aquatinted etchings. Artists such as Barbara Rae use this method to great effect. Plates will be provided to enable printing more than one colour. Prints will be inked using the intaglio method with specialist etching inks and printed on french handmade papers.

(n.b. Carborundum (silicon carbide) is used as an abrasive, and also in the preparation and graining of limestone for making lithographic prints).

Cost of the workshop includes all workshop materials £185.

To book a place contact : elspeth.lamb2@icloud.com

Bookings and payments on first come, served basis.

£185.00 Cost of the workshop includes all workshop materials
Upper Flat, Ladybank Station House, Victoria Street
Ladybank, Fife KY15 7JT United Kingdom
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