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Feminidad Activa Women’s Circle with Alice Chinn

Friday 19th April at 7:00pm 8:30pm

ABOUT THE CIRCLES An intimate, playful space for women. An invitation to liberate, connect, feel uplifted and awakened.  

These workshops are made for women, by women. Through music and movement we come together to recharge our batteries and celebrate us. Leaving the spoken word very much to one side, we embrace bodywork, movement, emotions and sexuality.

Together, united, and connected to our inner strength and power, these workshops give us the possibility to live from a place of pleasure and vitality, whilst nurturing a healthy relationship with our bodies.


  • Recharge our batteries on all levels – physical, emotional and mental
  • Disconnect from our minds and connect to our bodies to transform unconscious behaviour patterns
  • Foster horizontality, union and sorority amongst women
  • Revitalise our pelvic floor  – for all women, and especially for pre/post pregnancy and menopausal women
  • Lubricate our entire muscular, tissue and skeletal system.


Women and girls of all abilities and ages. Pregnant  and breastfeeding women are welcome.

For more information and to book a place contact Alice here


” The mindful music and gentle movement during the session made me feel truly Connected, Inspired & Empowered. ” Alvina

 I’ve just been to one of Alice’s Women’s Circles. l feel so happy and uplifted, what a wonderful experience to be in this circle of beautiful women.   Helen


Misfit Scottish wild being, with a  Mediterranean twist. I’m someone who always longs to create, adventure, defy and question. I need movement, music, community and connection in my day to day life and this is why I love hosting these special women’s events.

I trained with Nuur Ydalga to learn how to facilitate Feminidad Activa Circles from 2018 to 2020. Since I graduated in 2020 I’ve facilitated over 35 Circles in various towns and cities in Catalonia, Scotland and Switzerland, working with over 75 women and girls of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

In addition to facilitating women’s workshops every month, I’m founder of Meditation for Misfits. I design and teach meditation and mindfulness programmes for young folk, their families and their educators. I’m all about supporting  young folk to overcome mental health struggles and move from surviving to thriving.


Alice Chinn