Festive Willow Crafts

Get in the mood for Christmas with a lovely, creative, festive event. Get together with some friends and enjoy a one-day class which will introduce you to the art of willow weaving. If you have some experience, this will also allow you to develop your skills. Jane Wilkinson, the tutor will help you to make attractive festive decorations such as stars and woven Christmas trees while learning how to use the tools of the basket maker and the art of soaking and preparing willow. You will also have the opportunity to incorporate winter foliage into your piece, such as hazel, birch and dogwood, or if you fancy a bit of sparkle and colour, some Christmas trimmings. See Jane’s work on her website www.specialbranchbaskets.com

The winter sun might be low but cosy fires will be on in our lovely Arthouse. We will celebrate the approaching season with mince pies, mulled wine and even carol singing if that floats your bowl.

Cost £40 plus small materials charge

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