Flowers in Watercolour Masterclass

This weekend workshop offers you a chance to work with one of Scotland’s foremost watercolour specialists in botanical subjects. Trained at Edinburgh College of Art in Drawing and Painting, including a period tutored by Elizabeth Blackadder, Jenny Matthews has been a professional artist for 30 years. She exhibits regularly in the Royal Watercolour Society in London, where she won an award in 2015, and in 2016 was nominated for an international watercolour prize ‘Marche d’Acqua’ in Italy.

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The workshop will encourage you to explore watercolour as a descriptive medium whilst also enjoying its expressive and abstract qualities, pushing some boundaries and extending your use of the medium. The timing of the workshop means that the garden adjacent to the Arthouse will be a key resource. It is at its best in early June, and you will enjoy both working outdoors amongst the plants and indoors with cut specimens – a wonderful start to your summer artwork.

Jenny will give demonstrations of the techniques she uses in her flower paintings: both her detailed work, and her broader, looser approach. She will also give some useful insights into how to draw flowers and leaves which will help to create convincing finished pieces. She will draw your attention to the work of other artists and set you on a wonderful journey of exploration, in excellent creative company.

Cost £85, including use of some materials

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