In conversation with Marian Leven

We are privileged to welcome one of Scotland’s foremost painters to speak with us as part of our series of evening lectures. Marian Leven, RSA, RSW who lives and works in Tayport, will speak about the development of her work from student times to the present and will talk about the range of influences within her paintings. In her artist biography for the Tatha Gallery she states:

‘My painting is concerned with Scottish landscape and seascape, an expression of the harmony, balance and emotional interaction I experience through remembered, mythical and historic associations. The land, sea and weather absorb me. Images for my paintings are collected in the landscape and in the studio the recollection moves into interpretation and metaphor. My painting allows me to respond to this environment in the knowledge that I am part of a long history of people shaped by these conditions.’

You can see further examples of her stunning paintings here. She is happy to answer questions about how she approaches her work. Expect an entirely stimulating, inspiring evening.

Cost £10, including wine and refreshments

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