Land and Light: evening lecture with artist Georgia Rose Murray

In the second of our new series of ‘In Conversation with’ evening lectures, we are delighted to welcome Scottish artist and university lecturer Georgia Rose Murray. Georgia, who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a Master’s Degree in Fine Art in 2013. is steadily building an international reputation for her painting and teaching. Over the past three years, she has developed an outstanding body of work which reflects her deep interest in the landscape, ecology and spiritual impact of the most northerly parts of the planet. In particular, her experience and concern about the impact of climate change in this part of the world is reflected in her imagery and her writing. You can see examples of her stunning work here.

This body of work began in winter 2015, when she travelled to Iceland, to experience 24-hour darkness. Over the month-long trip, Georgia endured incredibly beautiful and extreme weather, with heavy snow storms altering her travel plans and hindering her ability to paint outside. After that intense injection of darkness her next trip was planned around experiencing 24-hour sunlight up in the Arctic. During summer 2016 she was invited to spend 3 weeks making painting research as a guest of The Czech Centre for Polar Ecology, Svalbard. In April 2017, Georgia was invited to present her work at ASSW17 (an in international climate change conference), in Prague while her accompanying exhibition ARCTIC NORTH 1+1-1=1 opened at Knupp Gallery in Prague.

Through showing a combination of research photographs, images of finished paintings and concertina sketchbooks, Georgia will take you on a journey in to the themes and symbols which have arisen in her work, in response to the sacred northern landscapes she has experienced.

Georgia is also offering a practical weekend workshop Landscape Oil Painting in January 2018, which will build on the themes in this lecture.

Cost £8, including refreshments

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