Making a ‘Haiku-Hoose’

one whole day watched sky

change from grey to blue

– Gerry Loose

(from the collection the deer path to my door)


This weekend workshop offers an opportunity for exploration of word, image, material and 3-dimensional structure. It is aimed at anyone who wishes to extend their practice, work in unfamiliar materials and challenge their creative processes. This is for you, whether you explore and express ideas through the visual arts, through making/crafting or through words.

We will spend time in the garden adjacent to Off The Rails Arthouse, moving between outside and inside. You will compose your own haiku and engage with the environment through the processes of creative writing and making experimental mixed-media book-objects, led by poet and gardener, Gerry Loose and artist, Brigid Collins, before going on to make 3D sculptural ‘Haiku-Hoose’ forms with Brigid. By incorporating the text of your haiku into these 3D forms – creating ‘hidey-holes’, ‘sit-outeries’, folds and pockets, etc. – and placing them into to the garden, we will make both temporary and permanent interventions into the environment over the course of what will be a creatively engaging weekend.

Gerry Loose  is a poet-gardener and lives in old Gaelic church on the Isle of Bute. He has worked as Poet-in-Residence, Botanic Gardens, Glasgow as well as Jardin des Plantes, Montpellier, working also extensively at RBGE gardens. His poetry is informed by a wide knowledge of gardening and environmental issues, and may be found inscribed in gardens and the landscape as well as books.

Brigid Collins is an artist who is passionate in her desire to forge relationships between images and poetry, in particular. Intricately combining natural forms with delicate materials, and interweaving these with fragments of text, she craft paintings, collages and often intimately scaled sculptural book forms and ‘Poem-Houses,’ often in collaboration with writers and poets, or to commission and also exhibits regularly.

Cost £120 which includes all specialist materials and tool, but you are encouraged to bring your own favourite art and craft materials!

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