Pulp to Print

This colourful and creative three-day course presents a unique and exciting opportunity to study with master papermaker, Alison Newman and expert printmaker / artist Elspeth Lamb. On the first day of this weekend workshop, you will make a fusion of stencilled and pulp painted sheets with graffiti -like marks and textures to form the printing base for further application of cut and inked relief printed blocks, which will be developed through the second day.
During the course, participants will make stencilled, painterly images using heavily beaten coloured pulps which emulate paint when applied to newly formed pulp sheets. The paper is then pressed and allowed to dry overnight and then printed in relief from a printing block, using a small press to create vibrant, colourful images. When the pulp is formed into sheets at the start of the project and colour is applied to the surface, the paper becomes the image itself. The next stage is to cut, ink and print a block to complement this image, the effect of which creates a strong visual tension between the layers with the introduction of a new compositional element.
Participants should come to the workshop with an image / images which can be easily translated and made into simple stencils. Also, you should bring a key drawing (A4 in size) to print over your prepared pulp sheet. Themes such as landscape, seascape, botanical images are a suggestion, however we can look at other themes you may wish to pursue. As we will be working to an A4 format the images should be kept relatively simple.
To summarise, on day 1 you will create your layered, collaged paper sheets with Alison Newman. On day 2 you will cut an image from a lino block or woodblock with  artist Elspeth Lamb and print on your dry, previously formed sheets on a small printing press. Day three will be allocated to finishing off your prints and a small group critique.
From this course, participants can expect to take away a collection of unique papers made from quality fibres, as well as multiple prints, each a unique artwork involving their original designs.  
All cutting tools and materials, preparation (beating and dyeing of high- end specialist paper pulps) are included in the price.
£180 for three days.
To book, or to find out more, please click on this link
Alison Newman is a master papermaker who runs her own state of the art papermaking workshop, PULP, in Hanson Street Glasgow. website https://www.paperartsworkshop.co.uk/contact.html  She has previously taught at Glasgow School of Art and has collaborated there with many artists, both local and international and has studied oriental papermaking in Japan.
Elspeth Lamb RSA is an artist/educator and author. Her book ‘Papermaking for Printmakers’ published by A&C Black, London sells worldwide. She has exhibited in e.g. New York, London, Tokyo, Kyoto and Toronto and since 2000 she has visited Japan many times and worked with Hanga Masters and printers and a Unesco Hosokawa-shi papermaking master in Ogawa during a residency near Mt.Fuji.

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