Summer School – Monotype – The Painted Print

This five day workshop offers an exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of monotype printmaking, in other words making one-off pieces using printmaking techniques. It will cover key technical aspects, but importantly, will also focus on using these creatively. It will be suitable for complete newcomers to printmaking or those with some experience looking to broaden their range. While some previous artistic practice would be helpful, anyone who wishes a truly creative, enjoyable experience in a delightful environment is very welcome. Art and design teachers and students would benefit from it very much.

The workshop will introduce a range of printmaking techniques suitable for practising at home, then look at integrating these within a wider mixed media approach. An introduction to the wealth of possibilities afforded by printmaking will help you to create unique works through the combination of monotype, collagraph, collage, drawing, painting and more. A printing press may be available if there is a strong desire among the group to try one out, but the workshop will focus primarily on lo-tech methods which can easily be used at home without specialist equipment.

The program will be very open with lots of time to experiment and allow each participant’s individual style to dictate the direction of the workshop.

Key techniques/topics to be covered include:

  • monotype, monoprint, collagraph and geliplate printmaking
  • chine colle, collage, printing papers and constructed surfaces
  • mark-making through different media
  • combining media successfully
  • resolving issues post-printing

Liz Myhill is a highly successful and well-known observational artist whose works span a wide range of subject matter, gathered through working directly from life. The wild places of Scotland continue to fascinate and provide a wealth of inspiration, however, she has also worked in India, Cuba, Central America and the USA. As a painter and printmaker Liz exhibits her work throughout the UK and has received a number of awards. She is also a practicing illustrator and has a wealth of experience of teaching at all levels. Examples of her beautiful work can be seen at

Cost £220, plus small charge for specialist materials

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