Textural Deconstruction

The deconstruction and reconstruction of an image, by redefining and remaking, surfaces and marks.
We are delighted to welcome Susie Paterson, Edinburgh based artist, to the Off the Rails family.  Susie is a superb painter and printmaker, with a new body of work she describes below. You can see examples of her stunning word on her website.
This one-day workshop is suitable for painters, printmakers, textile makers and anyone else who wishes to inject energy and experimentation into their work.
The starting point is any self initiated image brought with the participant on the day.  Susie herself makes a starting point using a personal photograph of a wall or a door, a textural surface with an abstract quality, creating a pleasing composition.
The workshop will begin by creating a collection of self manufactured collage material through simple relief printing. The prints will be made using any flat, or flattened textural items that each member has brought with them. Once a desired amount of collage pieces have been created we will then start to concentrate on developing a composition utilising these prints alongside other textural materials, paper, cotton, foil, sand and particularly polyfilla. The plaster element is a very good base for applying colour, using any water-based paints or crayons.
Each person will be given a piece of untreated plywood to use as a base for the artwork, which will be generated using the collaged pieces. The plywood/MDF acts as a stable base for any heavier collage items and plaster surfaces. If participants would like to work on any other rigid material supplied by themselves, Susie would recommend bringing a fairly flat and slightly porous object.
Susie Paterson trained in Fine Art, Drawing and Painting at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art 1975-79, she went on to concentrate on printmaking, primarily using the Scottish printmaking workshops in Dundee and Edinburgh. She has exhibited in a variety of countries including Finland, Denmark and Berlin. Here she talks about her work:
‘My new work is about Movement, Travel and a multi-layered environment. Using these themes, my images are constructed in numerous stages, aiming to convey journeys. These journeys, although based on real places, are imagined landscapes filled with fragments of buildings and segments of geography, each part complementing the other in a symbiotic relationship. Through these compositions skips and jumps an energetic figure, abstract, compact and aerodynamic. This is myself of course, not my own corporeal self, but a self able to slip through time and space, navigating my surroundings and becoming a statue, an animal, a vessel, or a mythical character.
Each painting has a little story to tell which is describing a group of actions and reactions revolving around the energetic, vigorous figure. There are photographs collaged into the general melee of overlays, and these offer just a glimpse of realism to anchor the mind’s eye, grounding the onlooker for a moment, creating a kind of rest stop allowing the viewer to better navigate the remaining picture plane. The glowing colour surrounding each figure, is an enhancing aura, defining the different atmosphere emanating from the body. The whole composition is a description of a real environment merging geographical textures with a restructured landscape, a geoscape.’
Cost £55, including some materials
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