The Imagined, the Obscure and the Hidden – a Personal Response to Nature

Many of you will know and admire the work of Susan Winton, Fife-based artist and teacher. We are delighted to welcome her to Off the Rails Arthouse for a one-day workshop which will invigorate your creative thinking and set you up beautifully for your spring and summer work.

The workshop is not just about the representational – it’s about the opposite, the imagined, the obscured and the hidden, all vitally important in a piece of art.

It will be based on your personal response to landscape and nature and involves working with a large mix of media. You will work from your own source material, which will give you a chance to gather and review drawings, studies or photographs of an area in the natural world that is familiar to you or about which you have strong feelings. The media to be explored includes plaster, paint, varnish, wax and could potentially include parts of photographs or text. You will explore the expressive potential of materials and use them in relation to the subject matter, to enhance the image or idea.

All ideas have potential for expression, so it’s also about trying out something new and innovative, and about stretching your expressive language to the limit.

Susan Winton is a graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and studied at Hospitalfield House. She has had several very successful exhibitions and was a recipient of the Richard Demarco prize at the Scottish Painting Competition. She is a regular exhibitor at the RSA and RSW and other national exhibitions. Her work is in several collections. Inspired by her roots in North East Scotland and her ties to the Shetland Islands, her subject matter includes the wild and rugged coastline contrasting with the tamed nature of the countryside. She uses an amalgam of media and techniques which mix old and new technologies. You can see examples of her beautiful work and follow her blog here.

Cost £45 including use of some materials

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