Thinking on ones feet-take 10

Sally E Payne – Masterclass

(guest appearance by Steve Wragg)

2 day advanced masterclass. Continuing our series of professional development masterclasses, which, are designed for those with considerable previous experience within the visual arts.

This workshop will take you on an adventure. We will explore the movement of image and the development of narrative through experiments in drawing and mixed media.

 Working with our phones, ipads and cameras we will take our ideas on a journey, exploring motion and action. Interacting with our drawings and created structures, working frame by frame to create a series of still or moving images.

We will experiment with viewpoint and scale, distance and focus, contrast and colour, testing ideas in two and three dimensions.

Directions we shall explore include relief, cut-out, cut-through, construction, layer, paint, print and stitch. We will work with an extensive range of materials and media, selecting the familiar and the unusual to explore the potential of image and action.

Working with personal concepts, ideas, themes, inspirations we will give breath to image, pattern, shape and form creating animated pieces that bring composition and narrative alive.

Interpretations will be worked, changed, developed and recorded at every stage to create a body of work that will be a standalone sequence or the springboard for further development

Friday evening 17th February until Sunday 19th February. £110.00

If you would like to continue to work (untutored) on the Monday -£120.00


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