Two-day Basketry Course

By popular demand we are offering yet another chance to work with Jane Wilkinson and learn the basics of basketry. This intensive two-day course will give you a thorough grounding in the skills and techniques required to make a round willow basket. Each participant will tackle their own individual project after a brief discussion of the possibilities.  You will also be able to include found objects, such as deer antlers, shells, winter foliage and hedgerow materials if you wish to create a more sculptural piece.  Or you may wish to concentrate on a utilitarian project such as a willow shopper or small log basket.  The choice is yours.

This class is a good follow on from the Woven Fruit Bowl class, the Festive Willow Crafts class or as a standalone option for those either new to the craft or wishing to refresh their basket-making skills.

Cost:                £80 plus small materials charge.

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