Working with greenwood – carving a unique spoon or spatula

This workshop is for beginners who would like an introduction to this wonderful craft. Working with wood fresh from the forest, Fife-based artist and maker Steve Bretel will guide you through a day designing and making your own unique spoon or spatula, with instruction in using simple specialist carving hand tools. Manipulating the wood and allowing the design to take account of its natural twists and turns is both challenging and enjoyable, being a direct connection with the natural world around us. There will be lots of time for practising the techniques before starting and completing your piece. Options will then be given for finishing, such as sanding or oiling, which you may wish to do in your own time. You can find out more about greenwood carving at 

Following art school in Wales in the 1980s, then eight years in London in the commercial art profession, a passion for adventure in the wild outdoors brought Steve to Scotland. He now lives and works as an artist, maker and tutor based in Fife where he paints both outdoors and from his studio. He also works with greenwood using traditional skills at Chancefield on the Falkland Estate. He is a past member of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers and now holds a BA in Visual Communication with Distinction. His work features in galleries and he regularly exhibits through Open Studios North Fife. He runs workshops in visual art, community music and craft throughout Scotland.

Cost £40, including all materials and equipment

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