Nature Vivante/ Un Still Life- Kate Downie

A Film, Drawing and Monoprinting workshop

Tutor – Kate Downie RSA

27th -28th April 2019


Course fee: £110 for two days

Nature Vivante/ Un Still Life

This is the title of Downie’s forthcoming solo exhibition at the Scottish Gallery in the autumn of 2019. It is also the working title of this weekend workshop.

The artist wishes to work with a great group of participants to delve into some exciting experimental filming, drawing and monoprinting practices and to support the participants in their own investigations into this subject.

Using short looped film sequences made by the participants as a point of investigation and departure, Kate Downie RSA will lead this 2-day workshop at Off the Rails Art House with the idea of creating suites of drawings and prints that explore movement, colour and abstraction in nature.

The Artist will demonstrate & teach a variety of Monoprinting techniques, both with and without an etching press, appropriate to this workshop.

Participants will be provided with a full list of suggested materials to bring and details of film preparation to create one month prior to the workshop.

Note- There is no special equipment or materials needed, and specific printmaking paper will be available to purchase at the workshop.

On the Saturday evening there will also be a power point talk (with everyone contributing a bit of food and/or wine!).

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thinking on ones feet – take 2 Sally Payne

thinking on ones feet – take 2

19th(evening) 20th and 21st October 2018

Friday evening,  Saturday and Sunday

Course fee: £110

This workshop will take you on an adventure. We will explore the movement of image and the development of narrative through experiments in drawing and mixed media.

Working with low tech methods and techniques we will take our ideas on a journey, exploring motion and action. Interacting with our drawings and created structures, working frame by frame to create a series of still or moving images. We will record and explore image and movement using our phones, ipads or cameras.

We will experiment with viewpoint and scale, distance and focus,contrast and colour, testing ideas in two and three dimensions

Creating the narrative through an exploration of drawing, collage, print working in relief, cut-out, cut-through, construction, layer, paint and stitch. We will work with an extensive range of materials and media, selecting the familiar and the unusual to explore the potential of story, image and movement.

Working with personal concepts, ideas, themes, inspirations, we will give breath to image, pattern, shape and form creating (animated) pieces that bring composition and narrative alive. Ideas may be a series of stills or a collection of animated experiments.

Interpretations will be worked, changed, developed and recorded at every stage to create a body of work that will be a standalone sequence or the springboard for further development

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Sally Payne 

Sally has worked extensively across all levels of education developing a reputation for progressive workshops that engage drawing and design at its most experimental.

Working with students at foundation, Degree and M.A level. Sally is an enthusiastic and ground breaking lecturer making a significant commitment to crossing and pushing the boundaries of media and materials to explore the potential of ideas.


Discovering Drawing……….Fraser Taylor

4 Day course

Saturday 9th June- Tuesday 12th June 2018

10am- 4pm each day

This workshop will examine a range of contemporary approaches to drawing; using various materials to generate images, which will investigate an extensive vocabulary of visual dynamics. Drawing will be used as a device to access ideas and explore chance and the unpredictable. The immediacy of drawing allows for experimentation and risky moves. The objective is that this workshop will allow us to share ideas and discuss drawings relevance within the expanded field of contemporary art and design. We will consider concepts and strategies on how drawing can be used to propel further works.

Course fee- £185

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Fraser Taylor

Fraser Taylor is an interdisciplinary visual artist who lives and works in Glasgow. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in printed textiles from Glasgow School of Art, Taylor continued his studies at the Royal College of Art in London where he earned a Master of Arts. In 1983, upon completion of his studies, Taylor co- founded The Cloth, a creative studio focused on exploring fine art and design practices with particular application to contemporary textile design and production. Works from The Cloth are part of the permanent collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Art Institute of Chicago. The Cloth disbanded in 1988.

Taylor’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, including Jill George Gallery, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; The Mackintosh Museum at Glasgow School of Art, Studio Pavilion House for an Art Lover, and The Briggait Project Space, Glasgow; Gallery Boards, Paris; Galeria Jorge Alcolea, Madrid; Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney; Sigacho Bis, and SPICA Art, Tokyo; Baryshnikov Art Center, Converso, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art, Threewalls, Queer Thoughts, and Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago; Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston; and Aurobora Press, San Francisco.

Since 1983, Taylor has lectured at leading fine art and design institutions of higher learning, including Glasgow School of Art, Goldsmiths University of London, and the Royal College of Art. In 2001 he was appointed the Visiting Artist in the Department of Fiber and Material Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he continues to serve as Adjunct Professor.

Fraser Taylor interviewed about his practice and drawing…….


On your marks….get set….Go!….Again!

Drawing, sketchbooks and ideas.

Claire Heminsley

Saturday 4th June 2016


Cost:- £45 (including some materials)

This is the second in a series of workshops designed to help you to develop new directions and unexpected outcomes, invigorating your practice.

Regardless of your discipline e.g. graphics, illustration, textiles, ceramics, fine art, all designers and artists need time to nurture new ideas and challenges, this workshop aims to be the springboard.

During the day the aim is to either consolidate current ideas or instigate new thoughts for development. Drawing exercises, collage, experimental sketchbook work, narrative development, monoprint, imagery and words are some of the methods, which will be used to get you going!

Claire Heminsley trained in textiles at the Glasgow School of Art and has worked freelance trading under the name Incahoots for the last 29 years. Drawing is at the root of all her work and she has applied this to a wide range of textile and illustration projects. She constantly challenges her own practice so has first hand experience of the value of nurturing the development process.

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