The message is in the medium- Claire Heminsley

The message is in the medium

Claire Heminsley


2 day fee £95

Message [mesij] n indirect communication from one person to another; errand; inspired teaching, revelation; moral or social teaching.

Medium (pl media, mediums) [meedi-um] n material in which an artist works; substance within which objects exist or through which a force is transmitted.


This 2 day workshop will explore the possibilities of incorporating a message within a textile piece. We will develop ideas, which convey a message through the use of imagery, layers, shape, the written word and textile techniques e.g. hand and machine stitch, mono and screen print.

We will examine how a variety of media and techniques can be used to communicate a message and lead you to new starting points for your textile work.

You will work individually, but with strong support from Claire and will have a chance to discuss and share ideas with the rest of the group. There will be machine stitch and other technical demonstrations throughout the weekend.Some materials will be provided.

This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience.



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A bit about Claire Heminsley

Claire studied textiles at the Glasgow School of Art. She set up INCAHOOTS over 30 years ago and expanded her work to include illustration. During this time she has worked on a wide range of commissions, exhibitions and projects. Claire works with a broad range of media and consequently has a diverse output, from detailed scraperboard prints to more experimental sculptural and mixed media pieces for exhibition. Her most recent solo exhibition ‘Objects of Celebration’ embodies all aspects of her practice.

Alongside this she has taught design, textiles and illustration in further and higher education and for workshops throughout Scotland. Her design practice feeds into her teaching and vice versa providing a perfect combination.     Instagram: claireatincahoots


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CREATE exhibition

Create will showcase collections of work by 8 award winning and established designer makers from across Scotland. This year Sean and Christine Kingsley and Syrah Jay join James Donald, Joanne Garner, Claire Heminsley, Fiona McIntosh and Lara Scobie to show their unique designer-made craft.

Opening times Saturday 5th Nov 10 – 5pm and Sunday 6th Nov 11 – 4pm.

To get you in the mood CREATE will be hosting a golden hour for shoppers where they will be offering a 10% discount on sales between 11-12 noon on both dates, this is the perfect opportunity to purchase that special piece at a special price.

Here are links to the exhibitors websites:-

James Donald- Pick one – Weave.

Fiona McIntosh- Tessuti – Printed textiles.

Joanna Garner- Jewelery.

Lara Scobie- Ceramics.

Claire Heminsley- Incahoots Textiles/Illustration.

Sean and Christine Kingsley- Butterwynd Pottery.

Syrah Jay- Jewelery.

Contact for further information