The Message is in the Medium- Summer School

Claire Heminsley

Tuesday 2nd to Friday 5th July


4 day course fee £195

Message [mesij] n indirect communication from one person to another; errand; inspired teaching, revelation; moral or social teaching.

Medium (pl media, mediums) [meedi-um] n material in which an artist works; substance within which objects exist or through which a force is transmitted.


The success of the workshop ‘The Message is in the Medium’ held in March has prompted Claire to expand it into a 4 day summer school. The extra 2 days will give even more time to develop ideas and experiment with textile techniques.

The course will explore the possibilities of incorporating a message within a textile piece. We will develop ideas, which convey a message through the use of imagery, layers, shape, the written word and textile techniques e.g. hand and machine stitch, mono and low tech screen print.

We will examine how a variety of media and techniques can be used to communicate a message and lead you to new starting points for your textile work.

You will work individually, but with strong support from Claire and will have a chance to discuss and share ideas with the rest of the group. There will be machine stitch and other technical demonstrations throughout the week. Some materials will be supplied, a list of ‘things and thoughts to bring’ will be sent after booking.

This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience.

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Claire Heminsley studied textiles at The Glasgow School of Art.

She set up INCAHOOTS over 30 years ago and expanded her work to include illustration. During this time she has worked on a wide range of commissions, exhibitions and projects. Claire works with a broad range of media and consequently has a diverse output, from detailed scraperboard prints to more experimental sculptural and mixed media pieces for exhibition. Her most recent solo exhibition ‘Objects of Celebration’ embodies all aspects of her practice.

Alongside this she has taught design, textiles and illustration in further and higher education and for workshops throughout Scotland. Her design practice feeds into her teaching and vice versa providing a perfect combination.


Nature Vivante/ Un Still Life- Kate Downie

A Film, Drawing and Monoprinting workshop

Tutor – Kate Downie RSA

27th -28th April 2019


Course fee: £110 for two days

Nature Vivante/ Un Still Life

This is the title of Downie’s forthcoming solo exhibition at the Scottish Gallery in the autumn of 2019. It is also the working title of this weekend workshop.

The artist wishes to work with a great group of participants to delve into some exciting experimental filming, drawing and monoprinting practices and to support the participants in their own investigations into this subject.

Using short looped film sequences made by the participants as a point of investigation and departure, Kate Downie RSA will lead this 2-day workshop at Off the Rails Art House with the idea of creating suites of drawings and prints that explore movement, colour and abstraction in nature.

The Artist will demonstrate & teach a variety of Monoprinting techniques, both with and without an etching press, appropriate to this workshop.

Participants will be provided with a full list of suggested materials to bring and details of film preparation to create one month prior to the workshop.

Note- There is no special equipment or materials needed, and specific printmaking paper will be available to purchase at the workshop.

On the Saturday evening there will also be a power point talk (with everyone contributing a bit of food and/or wine!).

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