Clearing out my drawers- Claire Heminsley

North East Fife Open Studios weekend

23rd and 24th October 2021

10am-5pm each day

Claire Heminsley is Clearing out her drawers!! She will be exhibiting an extensive range of work:-Scraperboard prints, tea towels, cards, original drawings, textiles & illustrations, 3D sculptures, new & old work. In the spirit of ‘Clearing out her drawers’ materials, inspirational objects & lots of other exciting things will also be for sale.

Claire is a graduate of Glasgow school of Art, she started trading as Incahoots over 30 years ago and has worked for exhibition and commission ever since. 10 years ago Claire helped set up Off the Rails Arthouse, she has been heavily involved in the running and development of the Arthouse ever since. To see Claire’s work here are links to her websites. For further information please email Claire here 

A sequence of events

Claire Heminsley

1st & 2nd February 2020


2 day fee £95

sequence [seekwens] n order in which events or objects follow each other, succession; series.

pattern [patern] n model to be copied; shape to be copied in making something; sample; artistic arrangement of repeated parts.

This 2 day workshop will explore the possibilities of incorporating sequences, patterns and repetition within an artwork. We will develop experimental ideas, through the use of imagery, the drawn mark, text, layers and shape.

The outcome will be open ended; whether producing a sequence of images, an artists book, a graphic sequence, an installation or a series of repeat patterns, it will be driven by your interpretation.

We will also examine how a variety of media and techniques can be used to develop these new ideas, leading to new starting points for your artwork.

You will work individually, but with strong support from Claire and will have a chance to discuss and share ideas with the rest of the group. There will be technical demonstrations throughout the weekend.

This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience.

If you have any questions about the course or would like to a place email Claire here [email protected]

Claire’s websites:- 

Claire Heminsley studied textiles at The Glasgow School of Art.

She set up INCAHOOTS 30 years ago and expanded her work to include illustration. During this time she has worked on a wide range of commissions, exhibitions and projects. Claire works with a broad range of media and consequently has a diverse output, from detailed scraperboard prints to more experimental sculptural and mixed media pieces for exhibition. Her most recent solo exhibition ‘Objects of Celebration’ embodies all aspects of her practice. In August 2020 Claire will exhibit at The Pittenweem Festival, Fife.

Alongside this she has taught design, textiles and illustration in further and higher education and for workshops throughout Scotland. Her design practice feeds into her teaching and vice versa providing a perfect combination.